We are honoured and delighted to invite you
to the historic city of Bologna for the 28th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence,
which will take place on October 27-31, 2025.


Bologna (Italy)


October 27-31, 2025

In Bologna you will find the most ancient University of the world, founded in 1088, and nowadays ranked amongst the most important and influencing European academic institutions.

In this charming medieval city you will also find a thriving scientific environment, where research on AI is conducted side by side to public bodies (CINECA Consortium hosts the largest Italian computing center for Big Data; the EU chose the data center of the European Center for Weather Forecast), and to the private initiative (the region has the largest number of startup companies per inhabitant in Italy).

Many researchers are already exploiting AI to solve a plethora of sustainability-related issues.

We strongly believe that AI will be the key to also understand the sustainability theme in a holistic manner, helping us to reach some awareness over the complexities of our planet, our ecosystems, and our societies.

The conference will be supported by the European Association for Artificial Intelligence (EurAI) and the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AIxIA).

We are eager to meet you in Bologna, to know your ideas and views over AI, to share knowledge and to enjoy together some unforgettable moments.

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